Reddot Design Award Best of the Best 2013
IF Concept Design Award TOP 300 2014
 Joyce Chu / Chi-Hung, Lin / Yun-Ci, Wu

Unbent addresses the difficulty that some shoppers (such as the elderly) can have with bending over to place or pick up items from their shopping trolleys. It contains a jack mechanism that raises and lowers the floor plate of the trolley.


When elderly people go grocery shopping, they typically need to pull a trolley around to carry the goods. The problem with traditional trolley designs is that they require the user to bend over in order to place or retrieve their items. This can be difficult if the shopper suffers from limited flexibility and weakness. Researchers have found that the force exerted on the lower back area when one bends over by ninety degrees quintuples. So, lifting one pound with the hands would put five pounds of pressure on the back.


Unbent can reduce the spinal pressure and the frequency of bending. It incorporates a pedal that jacks up the floor plate of the trolley. This means the shopper can place their items in the trolley without needing to bend down. When the inner volume of the trolley is filled up, a button on the handle can be pressed to release the jack mechanism and lower the base.



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