Chewing Gum

IF Concept Design Award TOP 300 2012
 Joyce Chu / Meteor Yang / Allen Chen

When you are on holiday to have a trip or to sport, you are taking a picture or listening to mp3, but the products with you suddenly run out of battery, the situation may make the holiday a dampener.


There are usually specific batteries for 3C digital products. But if the product runs out of electricity, it may cause troubles due to no substitute energy. Environmental battery with “natural resource”(solar energy) power supply. The “Chewing Gun” is designed for outdoor activities (RFID paper thin battery) from the angle of “convenience and rapidity and natural”. Like AA (Carbon Zin), the “Chewing Gun” is easy to be got and to be turned on or turned off, and even outside, they can make 3C digital products quickly recharge.


The "Chewing Gum" is like chewing gum, easy to take, and easy to recharge by a simple sticking action. It is stuck on the batteries of 3C products to quickly conduct electricity through RFID technologies with the convenience of wireless recharge. The "Chewing Gum" is super thin and easy to use. It's very convenient just like the chewing gum, and you only need to tear off the protect sheet on the "Chewing Gum" and stick the "Chewing Gum " on batteries of 3C products, like mobile phone, MP3, digital cameras, notebooks and so on. As for how many pieces of "Chewing Gum" we should put, it depends on the electricity we need.


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