Curriculum Vitae



I am Joyce Chu. I majored in Industrial Design. After my graduation from the Graduate Institute of Innovation in July 2009 from the National Taipei University of Technology, I began work as a faculty member of the Department of Industrial Design. My focus in this department is User Experience and Product Design. My guiding principle is that the purpose of products is to serve people. Therefore, I believe any product must reflect the user's life-style, cognition, cultural sensibilities, and should merge as seamlessly as possible with human factors. I think the best designs come from everyone on the team having a deep understanding of what it's like to be a user. When they all share that same understanding, it's easy to create designs that meet the users' needs.


I’ve instructed students in furniture design, Computer-Aided-Graphic-Design, Design Psychology, and presentation skills. A particularly enjoyable part of my job is assisting students in their participation in international and domestic competitions. I see my role as a guide, aiding students to apply independent thinking and problem-solving skills. As for the future, my emphasis is on the combined application of user experience theories and technology to create elegant, pleasing user-focused designs.

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Certification Number-M495599

Story Sofa


Certification Number-M402802

Notepaper roll having random tearing and adhering and unlimited use area


Certification Number-M446805

Inflatable emergency shelter 


Certification Number-M447831






​2011 - 2017/2

National Taipei University of Technology Industrial Design.



Assistant Manager. 

2011 - 2016

National Taipei University of Technology Innovation Design and Knowledge.




​2011 - 2013

Chinese Institute of Design. (CID Taiwan)

Publication of ijDesign & joDesign



Administrative Assistant.  

2009 - 2010

National Taipei University of Technology Art Center.


WoodWorks Museum

Joyce Chu / Ro-Han, Chang /

Zen-Ping, Sung / Yu-Chai, Chang




Joyce Chu / Chi-Hung, Lin / Yun-Ci, Wu


Smile Key

Joyce Chu / Po-Cong, Yu



2mm Type

Joyce Chu / Po-Cong, Yu




Joyce Chu / Meteor Yang / Kevin Yang



National Taipei University of Technology

2007 - 2010

Graduate Institute of Innovation and Design



Huafan University

2003 - 2007

Industrial Design


Jump-Start CARD

Joyce Chu / Meteor Yang / Allen Chen


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