Reddot Design Award Winner 2009
 Joyce Chu / Meteor Yang / Allen Chen

Jump-Start CARD

No power often occurs on mobile phones, digital cameras and 3C electronic products even though the battery specifications of the same brand are not the consistent. If the ”power” can be supplemented by each other as car A jump-starts from car B, this problem can be solved. “Jump-Start CARD” originates from “Wireless Short-distance Electromagnetic Induction Technology”. There are usually specific batteries for 3C digital products.


The Jump-Start CARD concept design will be suitable for folks who find their devices always drained of juice. Instead of having to run around and find a power plug and the necessary power adaptor, this device allows users to transfer battery power from one battery to another. The card features two portions, one for the battery that will have its power drained and the other for the battery that will be receiving the power.Our reliance on portable technologies is a double-edged blade. On the one hand, we have more information available at our fingertips than ever before. Sometimes it seems like we can do almost anything, just using the devices we carry around on a daily basis.


Jump-Start Card does is that it lets you “borrow” power from another device’s battery. If you happen to have a second phone, or any other mobile device with which you can easily steal power from, you can jump start your primary device in order to get the work done. In situations when you are heavily dependent on your primary device, this could come in pretty handy. The concept won the 2009 Red dot design concept.

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