PLAN compass

IF Concept Design Award TOP 300 2012
 Joyce Chu / Meteor Yang / Allen Chen

With the boarding time to approach, a passenger not only pays attention to the direction and indication in airport, but also understands all complicated procedures. “PLAN compass” makes use of the UWB PAL (Precision Asset Location) system, which can position passenger in airport, clearly notify passenger of heading for the correct direction and will not miss the boarding time and enter the wrong boarding gate anymore.


"PLAN compass" just like navigational compass can direct the correct boarding direction. The wireless positioning system can safely direct the boarding direction. This kind of safe is just like a ship lost in sea finds the sense of direction.


"PLAN compass" is a reusable product. Which mainly is displayed by e-paper with environmental protection, energy saving and repetition. It can be recycled when leaving the customs.


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