Reddot Design Award Winner 2010
 Joyce Chu / Meteor Yang / Kevin Yang

Post-it is indispensible in life. But sometimes we do not need that much space to write. We still have to tear off an entire piece to use. How wasteful this is, in a time when resources are running out! Inspired by the design of type.


This "SAVE NOTE" concept has revolutionize the Post-it note by adding more glue in the center of the pad, and made it as an long paper (with guides for tear off) that stick together like a duck tape instead of separated papers where you can tear down as much as you need without wasting paper.


You can easily tear it off the amount of sheet that you need without really have to use the entire paper like the common post-it note. It’s an extra saving by using less. Less paper uses could help the planet and protect more trees. The concept becomes a real product that is to give as a present to visit the National Taipei University of Technology.



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