Muyishi's Adventures

in Wonderland

Reddot Design Award Winner 2015
Joyce Chu / Ro-Han, Chang / Zen-Ping, Sung / Yu-Chai, Chang

Located in Taichung Fengyuan, Yuen Fong Yu’s old paper factory renewal plan. Giving this opportunity for National Taipei University of Technology to use. Project consists of 3 locations: Natural Lobby, Material transforming Space, Muyishi’s adventure in Wonderland Museum. Stimulating 5 senses within the space, discovering the vitality of wood and the aesthetics of wood crafts.


Project consists of 3 locations: 

(1) Natural Lobby

(2) Material Transforming Space

(3) Woodworks Museum


Using the contrast between materials and unique atmosphere into the space, with different kinds of lighting emphasizing the Life of wood.




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WoodWorks Museum

Project consists of 3 locations